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    2016.08.03 に訪問

    We drove a long hour just like 3 hours from Sapporo. We finally arrived at Biei. We enjoyed panorama drive at Biei patch work fields. Farmer grow many varieties of vegetables and each field have different color. It looks like patch works. There are many people coming to Biei in these days from all over the world.

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    2015.11.02 に訪問

    青い池(╹◡╹) お天気良かったら、もっと綺麗だったんだろうな...

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    旅行記 『ひたすら移動時間の長い旅...』 より
    2016.09.19 に訪問

    After long drive we finally arrived at Biei and enjoyed panorama drive at Biei patchwork fields. This is typical scenery of Hokkaido and many people all over the world became visiting Biei to see this.

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    旅行記 『Great Hokkaido tour with guests from Malaysia ( Day2 )』 より
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