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    旅行記 『北海道(札幌、小樽)』 より
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    This is a track housing ramen tavern, one of Japanese night custom. Several years ago, there were many tracks like this and office workers enjoyed drinking looked for this ramen tavern before going back to their homes. There are few remain nowadays but you can still see in Sapporo.

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    旅行記 『Great Hokkaido tour with guests from Malaysia ( Day5 )』 より
    2016.08.04 に訪問

    I finally took my guests to my favorite Izakaya, Japanese style tavern. I introduced my favorite Yakitori, chunks of chickens with bamboo skewers broiled with charcoal fire. My guests were happy so I was happy, too.

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    旅行記 『Hokkaido tour with guests from Singapore in August』 より
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    旅行記 『雪まつり&旭山動物園』 より
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