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札幌市 (Sapporo) 札幌市 (Sapporo)

This is a page where you can find photos of 札幌市 (Sapporo) (Hokkaido, Japan), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to 札幌市 (Sapporo). If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Hokkaido, Japan and saw 札幌市 (Sapporo)?

札幌市 (Sapporo)

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Episode about 札幌市 (Sapporo)(3 Episodes)

札幌市 (Sapporo)(北海道, 日本)|Great Hokkaido tour with guests from Malaysia ( Day5 )(Yuichi Kudoさん)
Yuichi Kudo
Yuichi Kudo
Visited on 2016/06/21

This is a track housing ramen tavern, one of Japanese night custom. Several years ago, there were many tracks like this and office workers enjoyed drinking looked for this ramen tavern before going back to their homes. There are few remain nowadays but you can still see in Sapporo.

From "Great Hokkaido tour with guests from Malaysia ( Day5 )"
札幌市 (Sapporo)(北海道, 日本)|Hokkaido tour with guests from Singapore in August(Yuichi Kudoさん)
Yuichi Kudo
Yuichi Kudo
Visited on 2016/08/04

I finally took my guests to my favorite Izakaya, Japanese style tavern. I introduced my favorite Yakitori, chunks of chickens with bamboo skewers broiled with charcoal fire. My guests were happy so I was happy, too.

From "Hokkaido tour with guests from Singapore in August"
札幌市 (Sapporo)(北海道, 日本)|雪まつり&旭山動物園(Yoshiki Senjoさん)
Yoshiki Senjo
Yoshiki Senjo
Visited on 2015/02/06

From "雪まつり&旭山動物園"

THINGS TO DO in Hokkaido(Japan)

  • 小清水原生花園(北海道, 日本)|日本の旅 -北海道-(tabitabi parsleyさん)

    Hokkaido, Japan

    tabitabi parsley

  • カムイワッカの滝(北海道, 日本)|知床(nori.mさん)

    Hokkaido, Japan

    tabitabi parsley

    お湯の滝です ちょっと風邪っぽかったのが ここで足が暖まり、復活しました!

  • 知床五湖(北海道, 日本)|北の果て、知床の大自然を目指して。(Patrick Ilano Yasudaさん)

    Hokkaido, Japan

    tabitabi parsley

    熊出没とかで一、ニ湖しかめぐれませんでした 天気はあいにくの曇り

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Hokkaido

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Hokkaido(75)
札幌市 (Sapporo)(Hokkaido, Japan) 札幌市 (Sapporo)(Hokkaido, Japan)

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