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    From the travel log 『初チャレンジ!!現地集合現地解散大阪&USJの旅!!』
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    Last updated at 2017.06.26 09:13
    From the travel log 『大阪 大相撲観戦』
    Visited at 2005.11.23

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    From the travel log 『平成十七年度 修学旅行』
    Visited at 2013.11.14

    そして、「かに道楽」! 食べてません・・ This is the one of famous food shops in Osaka, 'kani-doraku'! 'kani' means a crab. 'doraku' means mania. so you should eat too many crabs here! ha,ha.

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 05:41
    From the travel log 『神様・仏様・ビリケン様!幸運の神が住まう商いの街 in Osaka ~熊野古道・高野山修験旅①~』
    かに道楽 本店 (Kani Douraku)(Osaka-fu, Japan) かに道楽 本店 (Kani Douraku)(Osaka-fu, Japan)

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