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It Logbooks (Travelogs) about "pizza" in Italy

This is a summary of all the Logbooks (Travelogs) related to pizza that we have available for the Italy area. Please go ahead and click on them if you want to read their contents. Does reading about pizza in Italy make you want to go there too? In that case let's start planning your next trip!

Rzym 2014

Rzym 2014

2009-02-17 - 2009-02-19

  • 5Episodes
  • Angelika Hoppe
Wyprawa samolotem z Poznania do Rzymu w czerwcu 2014 roku

Travel Collector: Angelika Hoppe

  • 0

Pisa & Florence

Pisa & Florence

2013-10-02 - 2013-10-03

  • 5Episodes
  • Dominik Herman
Traveling around Toscany. Visiting Pisa and Florence in October 2013.

Travel Collector: Dominik Herman

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Travel to Rome

Travel to Rome

2014-01-19 - 2014-01-23

  • 18Episodes
  • Артем Шевченко
Travel to Rome. January 2014 On a trip spent only 500 euros for two people for a week. This is a magical place where I want to go back many more times. To see all Sightseeings, you need to spend at least a month

Travel Collector: Артем Шевченко

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Logbooks (Travelogs) about "pizza" in Italy Logbooks (Travelogs) about "pizza" in Italy

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