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    Visited at 2013.09.25

    You always have a nice shot once you have the Colosseum in the background. Just keep smiling and enjoy your time in Rome!

    Last updated at 2018.09.13 05:33
    From the travel log 『Roman Holidays』
    Visited at 2012.01.12

    Legendary Coliseo. you can feel history in this place

    Last updated at 2018.11.21 01:42
    From the travel log 『Some travel photos』
    Visited at 2012.09.11

    Foto a nuestra llegada en el Coliseo de Roma

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 04:12
    From the travel log 『Viaje a Roma en 2012』
    Visited at 2014.08.12

    I like so muche to walk inside the Coliseum because you can fly to other age!

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 04:15
    From the travel log 『TRAVELLING』
    Visited at 2014.03.31


    Last updated at 2017.06.26 04:02
    From the travel log 『Roma con amor』
    Visited at 2013.03.21

    Incredible city with a long history.

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 04:01
    From the travel log 『Rome』
    Visited at 2013.03.21

    I'd love to come back! New places always inspire.

    Last updated at 2017.06.26 04:01
    From the travel log 『Rome』
    Colíseo(Lazio, Italy) Colíseo(Lazio, Italy)

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