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マウント オブ オリーブス(Mount Of Olives)

マウント オブ オリーブス(Mount Of Olives)(, イスラエル)の口コミ情報と旅行記、マウント オブ オリーブス(Mount Of Olives)までの行き方や地図をまとめています。マウント オブ オリーブス(Mount Of Olives)の他にも、 イスラエルのおすすめスポットを紹介しており、みんなの口コミから自分だけの旅行プランを立てることが可能です。

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    Mount of Olives, mountain ridge east of and adjacent to the Jerusalem's Old City. It is named for the olive groves that once covered its slopes. The southern part of the Mount was the necropolis of the ancient Judean kingdom. The Mount has been used as a Jewish cemetery for over 3,000 years, and holds approximately 150,000 graves, making it central in the tradition of Jewish cemeteries.

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    Several key events in the life of Jesus as related in the Gospels took place on the Mount of Olives, and in the Book of Acts it is described as the place from which Jesus ascended to heaven.

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    This is the famous Wailing wall. As i was explained - this is the closest place to the great temple.

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    Mount of Olives is an upland, stretching from north to south in front of the eastern wall of the Old City of Jerusalem and the valley of Kidron on the other side. Olives were planted here since the ancient times.

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    Widok na Górę Oliwną

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