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Hu ペシュト(ハンガリー)の「hungary」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)


It was our first travel to Budapest. I and my husband celebrated our anniversary. Budapest in early April was very warm and the air was full of spring flower flavours. April isn't a high season, but the weather is already good for tourists, and the price for renting a flat at airbnb was very reasonable. We felt in love with Budapest and want to return next spring.

Anna Maevskaya

Anna Maevskaya

2014-04-02 - 2014-04-05 , 4days

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ペシュト(ハンガリー)の「hungary」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ) ペシュト(ハンガリー)の「hungary」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ)

ペシュト(ハンガリー)の「hungary」のおすすめ旅行記(ブログ) トップへ