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リンドス(Λίνδος (Lindos))

リンドス(Λίνδος (Lindos))(エゲオ, ギリシャ)の口コミ情報と旅行記、リンドス(Λίνδος (Lindos))までの行き方や地図をまとめています。リンドス(Λίνδος (Lindos))の他にもエゲオ、 ギリシャのおすすめスポットを紹介しており、みんなの口コミから自分だけの旅行プランを立てることが可能です。

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    Panorama of the ancient town of Lindos

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    This bay rdom with the town of Lindos, located at Cape Crane - in the south-east of the island of Rhodes in Greece. Until 2011 was a major city of the municipality of Lindos, with a population of 3633 people (2001). After the administrative reform in 2011 became part of the Municipality of Rhodes. City is not only a coastal village, with two picturesque harbors, but also an archaeological site, distant from the island's capital - the city of Rhodes - 55 kilometers and is located at the foot of a cliff crowned by the Acropolis. Acropolis of Lindos - the second largest in Greece and significance - is the main attraction of Lindos. Here at last was the seat of the Knights of St. John (Knights of St. John, or the so-called Hospitallers). In addition, in the southern part of the Acropolis to the present day remains of a small ancient temple of Athena LINDE - Greeks revered shrines. The temple was erected in the IV century BC DANAOS (son of the Egyptian king Bela) and 50th daughters during their forced shelter on Rhodes from jealousy of the goddess Hera.

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