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De Bavaria Travel Logs of "europe"

This is a summary of all the Travel Logs related to europe that we have available for the Bavaria(Germany) area. Please go ahead and click on them if you want to read their contents. Does reading about europe in Bavaria(Germany) make you want to go there too? In that case let's start planning your next trip!

ずっとずっと訪れてみたかった、本場ドイツのクリスマスマーケット。 暗く長いヨーロッパの冬の中に、ぽっと灯ったキャンドルのような美しくて温かい雰囲気。まるで絵本の中に入り込んだようなその光景は、極寒に耐えてでも来る価値あり! 可愛いクリスマス雑貨を探しに、いざミュンヘンへ。 マリエン広場を中心にぐるぐるお散歩してきました。 It has been my dream to come to Germany to see the christmas market! The atomosphere was such as a beautiful candle which is turning on in the long depressed winter in Europe. Although the weather was totally freezing, it's deserved going there! I walked around Marienplatz to find some lovely christmas stuffs.

Chihiro  Sato

Chihiro Sato

2012-12-01 - 2012-12-01 , 1days

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ミュンヘン・パリ7日間 (2017.10.18〜24)の 【ドイツ編】です! 羽田発ドバイ経由でミュンヘンへ。 時間にして丸2日ちょっと、ドイツを観光しました。 10.18 ミュンヘン観光 10.19 ノイシュバンシュタイン城ツアー 10.20 ミュンヘン観光・パリへ移動



2017-10-18 - 2017-10-20 , 3days

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A trip along the Romantic road in the heart of Germany

Lily Nosova

Lily Nosova

2013-10-15 - 2013-10-15 , 1days

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Bavaria Travel Logs of "europe" Bavaria Travel Logs of "europe"

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