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シュロス・ハイデルベルク(Schloss Heidelberg)(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|夏の南ドイツバックパッカー旅(Natsumi Kogureさん) - 02
Natsumi Kogure


From " 夏の南ドイツバックパッカー旅 "Schloss Heidelberg

シュロス・ハイデルベルク(Schloss Heidelberg)(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|夏の南ドイツバックパッカー旅(Natsumi Kogureさん)
Natsumi Kogure

ハイデルベルク城 朝一なのに日本人のツアー客大量。

From " 夏の南ドイツバックパッカー旅 "Schloss Heidelberg

メルセデス・ベンツ・アレーナ(Mercedes-Benz Arena)(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|Deutschland - Chile 1:0(Claudia Sayuriさん) - 02
Claudia Sayuri

In front of the stadium. Great atmosphere - the few fans from chile are celebrating their team.

From " Deutschland - Chile 1:0 "Mercedes-Benz Arena

メルセデス・ベンツ・アレーナ(Mercedes-Benz Arena)(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|Deutschland - Chile 1:0(Claudia Sayuriさん) - 05
Claudia Sayuri

Celebrating the beginning of the match. German choreography in the curve and the national flags on the field.

From " Deutschland - Chile 1:0 "Mercedes-Benz Arena

Schloss Heidelberg(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|モンサンミッシェル巡礼~ドイツ古城巡り(Keitaさん) - 02


From " モンサンミッシェル巡礼~ドイツ古城巡り "Schloss Heidelberg

Stuttgarter Stäffele am Weihnachtsmarkt(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|クリスマスマーケット最高!フランス・ストラスブール&ドイツ・シュトゥットガルド。(Masakatsu Umedaさん) - 06
Masakatsu Umeda

これは揚げたじゃがいもで、ハッシュドポテトみたいなもの ソースはリンゴのピュレ。 日本人にはなじみのない組合わせに見えますが、これが良く合うんです。

From " クリスマスマーケット最高!フランス・ストラスブール&ドイツ・シュトゥットガルド。 "Stuttgarter Stäffele am Weihnachtsmarkt

Stuttgarter Stäffele am Weihnachtsmarkt(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|クリスマスマーケット最高!フランス・ストラスブール&ドイツ・シュトゥットガルド。(Masakatsu Umedaさん) - 14
Masakatsu Umeda


From " クリスマスマーケット最高!フランス・ストラスブール&ドイツ・シュトゥットガルド。 "Stuttgarter Stäffele am Weihnachtsmarkt

Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|自分史上初3か国旅!(Tono Daisuke Tono Daisukeさん)
Tono Daisuke Tono Daisuke

ミュンヘンの空港へ向かう電車の中でやっとケルン大聖堂見つかりました! 途中下車は出来ないので 寂しく車内から撮影しました笑

From " 自分史上初3か国旅! "Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

Schwarzwald(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|Schwarzwald(Amanda Martin Dombrowskiさん)
Amanda Martin Dombrowski

Vistes precioses des de les muntanyes de la Selva Negra!! Les cascades eren gegants i la boira li donava a tot el paisatge un aire de pel·lícula de El Hobbit :)

From " Schwarzwald "Schwarzwald

Haupstraße(バーデン=ヴュルテンベルク, ドイツ)|西欧の雰囲気を存分に感じる大学の街、ドイツ、ハイデルベルク(新田浩之(Nitta Hiroshi)さん) - 02
新田浩之(Nitta Hiroshi)


From " 西欧の雰囲気を存分に感じる大学の街、ドイツ、ハイデルベルク "Haupstraße

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Baden-Wurttemberg(Germany)



2009-08-12 - 2009-08-12

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  • Blau Tob
Good bye Thailand - Welcome to Malaysia After Thailand we no longer wanted (visa expired), we decided after some reflection, Malaysia to visit abzustatten.Das country was not far to our "not existing list" .But that was our plan to travel spontaneously without plan . Lets go Malaysia! Arguments, there was enough of Thailand from easily with our favorite means of transport to reach train, an entry visa for 3 months and no idea what awaits us there. So once Koh Samui leave. Then we wanted to go by train from Chumphon (the number we had before), there again on Surat Thani, the known way, now the other way around. This was a detour, but as we knew him, it seemed less stressful and we could take the car ferry again. Since you have not booked in advance, just go and buy the ticket. If one ignores the fact that it again was a really nice heavy tropical rain on departure, everything went very smoothly. We caught quite a fair taxi, ferry promptly put off (it was a pretty stormy turbulent crossing) and the bus from the port to Surat Thani also worked well. It poured over the whole trip, behind us sat a lively little boy who constantly against the seat, that is in our back, stepped or played on the seat back away in our hair. The trip did not take long for happiness. We rushed (as well as possible with luggage in the pouring rain) in the travel agency where we had already booked the trip to the island a few days ago. Fortunately for him, opened and they told us where we could take the right minivan to Chumphon. Soaking wet, we reached the small bus and were able to continue there the same. Besides us still sat two families with several small children on the bus. Previously, we found that Thai children are always very cute, aloof and really interested to Gernhaben.Aber a bus = a family! The "little ones" changed constantly kicking your seats and moved incessantly through the narrow minibus. They were all the time in eating and drinking (all very colorful and sticky), so did not bother us. The small colorful sticky hands but was constantly felt to us a bit exhausting. Particularly good were Olivers hairy men legs, arms was begrabbelt all the time, teilbeinenthaart (partly by curious pluck out, some contact with the small Klebfingerchen) to the delight of our "new family". Then, when the refractive bags were used, what actually had gorged no wonder at all that stuff, we hoped once more for an early arrival. Of course, no one got out of the way. Finally, slightly annoyed, arrived in Chumphon, it was still raining and was already dark, but the bus driver took us kindly to the station. There we bought a ticket for our trip to Malaysia the next day. There could only drive on the night train, well, then we had to. Well in our collection The ride went over the southern Thai city of Hat Yai, there across the border in Malaysia and then to the train station of Butterworth. There we wanted the ferry to the island of Penang, take our first objective. According to schedule, the train to Butterworth, at the ticket purchase, it was said that we need to get in Hat Yai and solve a new card for the onward journey. That seemed a bit illogical, but remained in insisting that way. As we learned in Thailand now, do not think too much, just no unnecessary stress, make easy the most are self adjusting. We took a room in the hotel where we stayed in it last time and the time in Chumphon was as expected, since it is known very tranquil. On departure day, it started to pour again in the evening and we bought these garbage bags-like raincoats. Since it looks as though one of the seven dwarfs, but I must say that things are very hilfreich.Wir finally had time to 23.00 clock, since only was our train. Since we had no rain protection for our luggage, we bought for the real thing really big sturdy garbage bags for bagging our luggage when needed. The great thing is, no matter how hard it rains or smelled, it remains warm. Since it does not hurt when you get wet once, at least you will not freeze. As we walked to the station heard it luckily, the rain and the train was also relatively on time. We had the sleeper 2nd class (without its own compartment and private bathroom, the seats are in the evening turned into slabs) and the beds were already made ​​as we boarded and all the curtains were drawn (who remembers, as in the film "Some like it hot" ) We had heard it many times before, it could never quite believe it, but it's true: we crawled for weeks for the first time in properly clean, white Bettwäsche.Eindeutig fresh linens, fresh pillows and even shrink-wrapped white fluffy blanket. Really good the whole thing! The ride was unfortunately quite noisy and shaky, otherwise it would have been very relaxing. We slept anyway only slightly, because we tried our luggage, which was below the seats to keep in mind. At every stop, we looked to see if someone got on new or something suspicious is going on. There are the stories of people, where drugs are put into luggage before the border and are made ​​to involuntary drug couriers. When you get so caught in Malaysia, you have a very bad hand for the future. We leave our luggage unattended in principle and for safety's sake we now additionally all zippers and compartments that can be opened so securely closed, that we barely even got it. We sometimes tend to be overcautious. When we (Schlafzug was still a great experience) but after a relatively sleepless night arrived in Hat Yai, we really had to leave the train and buy a new ticket. That was a little stressful because we had only a few minutes. They apparently wanted to make up for the resulting delay while driving again. Normally we would have said, no problem, we if you must stay just one night, but before this area there are warnings about temporary unrest and skirmishes. So we were relieved when we were able to continue. Again, this overcautious! Another way to the border crossing would be by bus, but since there are so many stories of organizations that could be described as trafficking under conditions tourist ship across the border, we wanted to save ourselves. Finally arrived at the border, we had to take all our luggage off, go to the Thai frontier house for departures and then once to the corner in the Malayan frontier house for entries We were curious to see what awaited us there. First, a totally friendly greeting from the border guards of our passports stamped and controlled. Then we were greeted with a friendly "Welcome to Malaysia" by the officials welcomed the controlled our luggage and apologized that he had to take a look in our bags. They wished us a nice stay and we were able to get on the train (now the beds were again converted into seats) and continue our journey. Our first impression: but they are nice times here, this is a good start! Our impression during the Continuation: no trash along the railway line more, it all seemed orderly and cleaner than in Thailand. What we missed because we were for weeks accustomed to the sight: none of the beautiful temple more, which were usually found in every small village, no Buddha statues, none of the small spirit houses (the small decorated houses on stilts) to and in every garden front of each house and no hawkers were more in the train. Otherwise, it was the train used cold as it is at least a not too comfortable. Too bad we no longer had our blankets. After a good breakfast consisting of biscuits, peanuts and water, our standard survival ration for cross-country trips, we waited curiously for our arrival in Butterworth.

Travel Collector: Blau Tob

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