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    旅行記 『旧市街散策』 より
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    旅行記 『北欧5ヶ国へ』 より
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    The highest and most beautiful observation desk is Oleviste Kirk. You should get over many-many steps to reach the top of the tower. FYI, St Olaf's was part of the united western tradition of Christianity, whose polity continues in the Roman Catholic Church today. In 1590, the total height of the church tower was 115–125 m. The tower has been hit by lightning around ten times, and the whole church has burned down three times throughout its known existence. Following several rebuildings, its overall height is now 123.7 meters

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    旅行記 『Klaipeda - Nida - Tallinn』 より
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    This panorama of Tallinn's old town can be seen from the top of St.Olaf church' tower.

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    旅行記 『A quick weekend trip to Tallinn』 より
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