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Travel China

Travel China

2014-07-01 - 2014-07-05

  • 6Episodes
  • Alsou  Minekhanova
I have been to China! I have been to the summer school of Chinese culture. I have been to Beijing, Changsha and Zhuzhou. I liked the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

Travel Collector: Alsou Minekhanova

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Beijin, calling.

Beijin, calling.

2008-12-04 - 2008-12-06

  • 15Episodes
  • acco
思い立って3日後、急遽飛び立った北京でのあれこれ。 予想をはるかに超えた極寒の地、北京。前回のヨーロッパ旅行の最後に出会ったアメリカ人との再会も果たした、短くて濃い3日間。

Travel Collector: acco

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"girl" in Beijing (China) "girl" in Beijing (China)

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