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THE BUND 1906(上海, 中華人民共和国 (中国))の口コミ情報と旅行記、THE BUND 1906までの行き方や地図をまとめています。THE BUND 1906の他にも上海、 中華人民共和国 (中国)のおすすめスポットを紹介しており、みんなの口コミから自分だけの旅行プランを立てることが可能です。

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    2014.01.11 に訪問

    This was (kind of obviously) shot in Shanghai. I absolutely adore the Bund Skyline. The weather was perfect for that shot. It's quite lovely in the evening as well, unfortunately my me and my camera are not able to take good pics during the night (which is most probably my fault...)

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