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人民广场 People's Square 人民广场 People's Square

This is a page where you can find photos of 人民广场 People's Square (Shanghai, China), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to 人民广场 People's Square. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Shanghai, China and saw 人民广场 People's Square?

人民广场 People's Square

  • Plaza
Address 人民广场

Episode about 人民广场 People's Square(4 Episodes)

人民广场 People's Square(上海, 中華人民共和国)|上海(iggyさん)
Visited on 2012/07/10

From "上海"
人民广场 People's Square(上海, 中華人民共和国)|Shanghai(Henning Kammさん)
Henning Kamm
Henning Kamm
Visited on 2014/07/17
Loved to be there!

The wedding market is a very special experience. If you are looking for a woman chances are good you'll find the right partner here.

From "Shanghai"
人民广场 People's Square(上海, 中華人民共和国)|旬の上海カニを堪能★上海グルメ旅行!(Mikan Hanaさん)
Mikan Hana
Mikan Hana
Visited on 2014/10/18

■人民広場■ 人民広場エリアは上海の中心地ともいえる場所で、ショッピングやグルメを楽しむには困らない場所でした! 高層ビルが立ち並ぶ中、ホっと行きつける公園もあり、お散歩とかにも良さそうな場所です。

From "旬の上海カニを堪能★上海グルメ旅行!"
人民广场 People's Square(上海, 中華人民共和国)|上海の夜景!&街歩き四日間(平井樹美さん)
Visited on 2012/08/03
Loved to be there!

人民広場 イギリス租界時代は競馬場だったようです。広いはず!! 地元の人にも人気スポットの様です。 北側には池や散歩道がありますよ~ 街歩きに少し疲れたら、緑を感じにいかかでしょうか?

From "上海の夜景!&街歩き四日間"

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人民广场 People's Square(Shanghai, China) 人民广场 People's Square(Shanghai, China)

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