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La Paz La Paz

This is a page where you can find photos of La Paz (La Paz Department, Bolivia), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to La Paz. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to La Paz Department, Bolivia and saw La Paz?

La Paz

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Episode about La Paz(6 Episodes)

La Paz(ラパス, ボリビア)|Peru&Bolivia(Kozue  Fujiedaさん)
Kozue  Fujieda
Kozue Fujieda
Visited on 2012/03/02
Loved to be there!


From "Peru&Bolivia"
La Paz(ラパス, ボリビア)|南米弾丸旅行(Yasuko  Kumaiさん)
Yasuko  Kumai
Yasuko Kumai
Visited on 2015/02/08

La Pazに着いた途端、彼さんは頭重感に。La Pazの空港は高度4000mのところにあるから早速、高山病かな… 4時間のトランジットがあったので30分毎に出るエアバスに乗って市街地に。鉢状の風景に感動して途中下車して写真撮影。

From "南米弾丸旅行"
La Paz(ラパス, ボリビア)|The North and South America Trip (2016.2.23-3.24)(Satoshi  Moriyamaさん)
Satoshi  Moriyama
Satoshi Moriyama
Visited on 2016/03/04

arrived at the La Paz

From "The North and South America Trip (2016.2.23-3.24)"
La Paz(ラパス, ボリビア)|天空の鏡を求める旅(Daichi Satoさん)
Visited on 2011/01/19


From "天空の鏡を求める旅"
La Paz(La Paz Department, Bolivia) La Paz(La Paz Department, Bolivia)

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