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Aduana Nacional de Bolivia Aduana Nacional de Bolivia

This is a page where you can find photos of Aduana Nacional de Bolivia (Potosi Department, Bolivia), trip reviews, comments, and Logbooks (Travelogs) with information and pictures related to Aduana Nacional de Bolivia. If it piques your interest, how about reading the reports written by other travelers who actually went to Potosi Department, Bolivia and saw Aduana Nacional de Bolivia?

Aduana Nacional de Bolivia

  • Embassy / Consulate

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THINGS TO DO in Potosi Department(Bolivia)

  • ウユニ(Uyuni)(Potosi Department, ボリビア)|ボリビア•ペルー 一人旅(Jun Naoharaさん)

    Uyuni, Bolivia
    Potosi Department, Bolivia

    Jun Naohara


  • ウユニ塩湖(Salar de Uyuni)(Potosi Department, ボリビア)|【まるで氷の世界?世界で一番の絶景】私の人生を変えたウユニ塩湖(田島知華(たじはる)さん) - 12

    Salar de Uyuni
    Potosi Department, Bolivia



  • Aeropuerto Joya Andina(Potosi Department, ボリビア)|特別な旅にしよう!ウユニ塩湖でドレスアップしてみた(Asami  Yamadaさん)

    Aeropuerto Joya Andina
    Potosi Department, Bolivia

    Asami  Yamada

    ウユニを大満喫してラパスに戻ろうと空港へ行けば、人がいっぱいで何やら騒がしい…嫌な予感。 ウユニ→ラパスは1日2便。 「朝の便が飛行機の車輪が出なくて飛べなかったの。その乗客を昼の便に乗せるから...

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Potosi Department

Logbooks (Travelogs) in Potosi Department(19)
Aduana Nacional de Bolivia(Potosi Department, Bolivia) Aduana Nacional de Bolivia(Potosi Department, Bolivia)

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