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This is a summary of all the Logbooks (Travelogs) related to resort that we have available for the Flanders(Belgium) area. Please go ahead and click on them if you want to read their contents. Does reading about resort in Flanders(Belgium) make you want to go there too? In that case let's start planning your next trip!



2008-08-04 - 2011-10-19

  • 5Episodes
  • Maksymilian Maximus Krupski
Jestem skąpiradłem i uwielbiam podróżować. Czy jedna z tych cech wyklucza drugą? Niekoniecznie! Kiedy moi znajomi przekonują mnie, że wyprawa do Paryża, Rzymu czy Barcelony po prostu musi wiązać się ze sporymi wydatkami, dowodzę im, że jest inaczej. A oto jak mi się udaje tanio podróżować

Travel Collector: Maksymilian Maximus Krupski

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Benelux, Germany & Greece

Benelux, Germany & Greece

2013-01-18 - 2014-06-30

  • 8Episodes
  • Niclas
Here are some impressions of my last trips between 2013-2014. Bruges is a beautiful city located in central Belgium. Through the old town and the many attractions it has a charm of its own. A special highlight is the brewery that you can visit. And if you do not know it, you have to watch the film "In Bruges..." before.

Travel Collector: Niclas

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"resort" in Flanders (Belgium) "resort" in Flanders (Belgium)

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