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    2013.04.10 に訪問

    Поездка по Беларуси. Нескижский замок со всей своей красотой.

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    旅行記 『Мои лучшие поездки』 より
    2013.09.09 に訪問

    We have 2 the most beautiful and famous castle in Belarus, this one is located in Nesvizh and was owned by the Radziwill magnate family for many many years. I visited it at the beginning of September, and I can surely say that early autumn is the best time for going there! There is a very beautiful park around the castle and it's more charming in this period - when centuries-old trees have different colors.

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    旅行記 『Dranikland』 より
    2013.05.15 に訪問

    Nesvizh castle, the Palace and the castle complex, located in the North-Eastern part of the town of Nesvizh

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    ニャスヴィシュ(Несвиж)を含む旅行記一覧 ニャスヴィシュ(Несвиж)を含む旅行記一覧

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