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Compathy is a travel collection serviceyou can connect to the world with travelogs.


Now you can have your own travel collections through logging your travels as "Logbooks".

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You can have your own Wishlists available in your destinations by just clicking "Wish to go" button.

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You can log your travel as "Logbook".
Logbook can tell "everything" of your travels including timeline and tracks, which can’t be told by only pictures and texts.

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Compathy helps creating logbooks by taking time and location information from your pictures automatically.

*You need to enter manually when your pictures don’t have such information.

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Let’s make your amazing travel collections!

Create a travel collection

Create a new Travel Collection


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Click “Wish to go!” button when you find sites and food you want to try, then you’ll get your own "Wishlist" with map automatically.
Since the list will be translated into a map, you can use them in your destinations.

Create your own wishlist

Create your wishlistswith popular Travel Logs

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